Safaricom Partners With Facebook Investors.


The Earn , Save and Invest mantra is a cliche we have all been bombarded with whenever we seek financial advice. Well, a group of Facebookers have taken the phrase a notch higher by doing what most fear ;Earning , Saving and Investing their dues.

The group which has its numbers currently crunching to over 200k members has set a Kshs. 103,350 savings target.

To work their way through the challenge, each member is to deposit Kshs. 3,900 by week one to a savings account.The amount is set to reduce by Kshs. 75 each week through to the 52nd  week.

IMAGE COURTESY: 52-Week Savings Challenge.

The good thing with the challenge is that one is not constrained to the group’s weekly target as long as they remain disciplined.



This initiative has since attracted the attention of Safaricom Limited who has expressed interest. Safaricom, through its mobile phone-based money transfer (Mshwari), is now sponsoring the 52 week challenge .


The groups’s founder Felista Wangari has however cautioned members against falling for scams .


Those interested in joining the group can follow this link


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  1. Savings is good business for Safaricom’s products like Mshwari and KCB Mpesa…they must dive in so as not lose a potential market of over 200k users.Very opportunistic of them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fredmuriuki says:

      Safaricom really knows how to tap into its market.


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